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utku Ucay Counselling and PSYCHOTHERAPY, RCC, MSC


with Me

I came to the realization that dark moments can appear in everyone’s lives, and I was no different. I have experienced severe depression, anxiety, and trauma at certain times in my life. Yet, with self-awareness, self-compassion, and most importantly, with the right kind of guidance, I managed to shed a light into my darkness and start my own healing journey.


I truly believe that when we are well supported, when our suffering is being heard, we come back to life even stronger. I am here to help you by holding a non-judgmental therapeutic space where we can acknowledge your fears, discover your strengths, and walk together in your healing journey.

My clients come to the session with awareness, and through deep work, developing a compassionate lens to life and ourselves, we learn together how we can put the awareness into action.


My unique approach in therapy allows my clients to develop unconditional self-love and to take action towards their dreams.

MY Services

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